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Hey guys, what's up :D

I have wanted to ask you all if you would do me a favour
I've wanted to change the logo on my dubstep promoting channel on Youtube, DestroyersDubstep, and I wanted to ask you guys if you would like to design it for me.
Yes, I design logos but when it comes to designing a logo for my own purposes, I'm just not satisfied with the results.

I'm bored with the logo I have right now and you can check it out here -->…

Well here's what I want it to look like: I want it to be evil looking and I would prefer there to be a female head, something like the one I have now, but totally different then it.  A photomanipulation of a girls head would be perfect! But I will leave it up to you, If you can not make a logo in the way i described or if you don't then there is still a chance i will pick that but you have to really give it your all for me to be impressed and use it! It can be a Photomanipulation, drawn on paper or drawn in photoshop, photography or any kind of art.

Now here's what i'm gonna give you in return :
1. Feature in a journal on my profile and on ContributeArt's profile.
2. Mention you on my Facebook Page and on DestroyersDubstep's facebook Profile and Page
3. Add link to your deviantart profile/facebook page/youtube channel etc. under every video in the description.
4. Add link to your deviantart profile/facebook page/youtube channel etc. on my channel banner.
5. 2 watches and 2 llamas from my own profile and CAdonations
6. 15 points (that's how much I have now but, if i get to something more in the meantime, I will add that up !)

You also have to post a link in the pictures description to this journal so everyone would know it's for me :)
You can publish it or not, and send it to me in anyway you like. In a note, post a comment with the link on my deviantart page, on my facebook, twitter, youtube etc :D
Also, you must make:
1. 1920x1080 or 1280x720 video sized picture
2. 800x800 or 1000x1000 avatar sized picture
3. Facebook cover photo with dimensions of 851x315 but the faceobook cover is optional, it's not so important :)

That's all folks.. I hope I get a really good logo and hope this turns out good.. :) And Good Luck to all of you, do your best !

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