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a long winter's nap by chrisravensar big feet by chrisravensar hang in add a bit of swing by chrisravensar baby bunny by chrisravensar Is this my good side? by chrisravensar Grace and Beauty by chrisravensar spiky mane horse by chrisravensar Partners by chrisravensar Xmas pup by chrisravensar Theadore bear by chrisravensar baby monkey by chrisravensar orcid by chrisravensar look at the wrinkle dog by chrisravensar flower by chrisravensar A little bit of beef by chrisravensar Happy Birthday!! by EmadraSweet Gremio by Emadra Insect Girl - Challenge 2 by Emadra ADOPTABLES! [OPEN] Pts. or USD! by Emadra Dullahan by Emadra Request: Fuga by Cionh Summer Brownie by teambrownie1 Confessioni crave your touch. 
[i still do, after all this time.]
i crave your fingers on my mouth,
your mouth whispering in my ear,
your ear pressed to my heart. 
i crave the weight of you, reassuringly corporeal. 
i drift away without you anchoring me. 
you take my heart, when you leave,
and leave in its place an
unbearable lightness.
:thumb339109306: Cloaked : coloured by obduracy Kiriban 400 by obduracy Dovahkiin by obduracy Guild Master by obduracy Happy Times HighHappy times high: part 3. [Disclosure: read #2 by Toahydronman first, Kay?!]
"Hey, booooooooooys!" Heaven said, walking into the locker room to look at all the kids, like the pervert he is, "Who wants seven minutes in heaven?!"
"With who?" Dan started before realizing," Damn rapist, don't you have better things to do than watching kids change?!"
"Like teach!" Blake added, cementing their third straight year of D-s in gym by ticking off Heaven. Then He pouted and left, kicking Dans bag all casually, like he didn't mean to.
"I hate that guy!" Blake said, and Dan nodded in agreement, cause any dude could agree that Heaven was just not good, an da rapist, to boot.
"Ugh, now what?!" Dan complained, cause the Hall Terminator was walking in on his little stump legs. He shot a suction bullet, like from a NERF gun, at Dans chest, and pulled him over to the door.
"NOOOOOOO, whats happening! You can't do this!!!" Dan protested, before pulling out his revolver, and shooting the robots foot, and th
Harley Quinn by Octaviana Serpent Pegasi by Crazie-Girl :thumb337446907: Black*Star x Maka? by ChocolateSax :thumb340157437: :thumb340146064: Cute Cherry Duo by SenbonGirl7 Chun Li by SenbonGirl7 He loves you by Inkyness Pitch by Inkyness Dragoness by Inkyness When I'm Cold by Inkyness Tacunga'a by Inkyness Small Doodle by Ruineth merry early xmass by eatmypantsu Wolf Couple by Alkas-Legacy Toxic's Design by Alkas-Legacy Ansi's Request by Alkas-Legacy Design (Ultear) by Alkas-Legacy Ultear's Preset by Alkas-Legacy

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