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My name is Kiki. I'm from :iconpsychodragoncat: I'm using this new account to start my sketch business!

If you are interested in a commission, please note me on THIS account. All commissions, depending on type of media is used should take no more than 2 days to finish and will be mailed to you within the week! All traditional pictures will be done on 5.5 x 8.5 in. sketch paper.
Digital commissions will vary.
Additional characters will vary in price, contact me!  

:bulletblue: Quotes through notes: FREE!
:bulletblue: Sketches (Pencil and inked with sharpie) $2 (Sketches get no fine details. Everything will be simple)
:bulletblue: Colored with simple background (using Prisma Colored Pencils) $10 (Price is with or without background)
:bulletblue: Lineart digital (Photoshop 7) $5 (You will get 2 printed copies)
:bulletblue: Colored digital (Photoshop 7) $10-$25 (Send me a note for a quote) (You will get 2 printed copies)
:bulletblue: Badges: (All badges will be digitally colored, laminated and mailed with clip) $15

Sketches: [link], [link],
Colored: [link], [link],
Lineart digital: COMING SOON
Colored digital: [link], [link]

What I will draw:
:bulletblue: Ponies (Characters or OC's)
:bulletblue: Animals Characters (Note me for specific animal and I will let you know what I can do)
:bulletblue: Fanart (Mostly animals: Note me for specific fanart and I will let you know what I can do)
:bulletblue: Furries (Note me and I will let you know)
:bulletblue: Any OC's! (Note me!)
:bulletblue: Cartoony humans (See below)
:bulletblue: Your pets (in a simple AND/OR cartoony way)
:bulletblue: Soft core "love scenes" (YOU NEED TO BE 18 TO ORDER!)

What I will NOT draw (because I physically cannot draw them)
:bulletred: Hard core "love scenes" (because genitalia can be tricky)
:bulletred: Anything Mecha
:bulletred: Anything I'm not comfortable with (Anti religion ponies, Nazi's killing children, ect)
:bulletred: Realistic humans. (I can do cartoony humans (See below)
:bulletred: Difficult backgrounds ("The scene is set in a rustic cabin, the sun shining through the window in a brusk light...")
:bulletred: Overly detailed clothes, wearables, cutie marks, ect.

I can and will refuse commissions if I do not deem them comfortable for me, or if I feel I would not satisfy the buyer!! But I WILL do my best to satisfy everyone!

Payment acceptable

:bulletblue: Money through mail (In a card ect)
:bulletblue: Checks (Info will be provided in notes)
:bulletblue: Money Orders
:bulletblue: Paypal:

Thank you very much!

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