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Posted on the website and in the group is an original story (yes I know, but hear me out!!!!) my friends and I have written that is simply called "Nox."

Here's a nice little summary that :iconemmiture: wrote:

Set up into four rigorous districts and social classes, Nox seemingly has a tight grip on its citizens. However, masked among the typical occupants is a heavy drug trade, led by the ever abstruse Erasmus. Even further under its surface are people who, enhanced with a necromantic drug only known under the name Esporus, have inexplicable abilities. Efforts to conceal the existence of this unprecedented race entitled among the underground world as "Givens" have been successful for years, however, perfection never lasts forever.

There are 8 chapters as well as art… drawn for the story so far, and chapter nine is in progress.

Please give it a quick read! Just the first chapter, it's pretty short, entertaining, and intelligently written.
There's a comment section and little secret forum where you can write your thoughts on the story! Even just a simple "Cool story, bro." is greatly appreciated! Please give us your thoughts!

(It's been revamped, so it's all beautiful now.)

Become a Given on DeviantArt as well! :  

If you have any questions/comments/whatever: Note myself (:iconawkwardapartment:) or :iconemmiture:

Thanks for reading!

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