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I can't believe that we have finally reached 1.000 members on our group :D But it is what it is
For that beatiful moment, i decided that i should create a contest . I can't create a contest with points giveaway, but i have something else in mind so read carefully :

There will be 5 winners and all of the winners will get an equal prize !

Rules :
:bulletorange: You must be a member of this group
:bulletgreen: You must :+fav: this journal
:bulletblack: You must tell about this contest in your own journal
:bulletred: You will pick one song for inspiration . With that song you will start making your artwork .
:bulletpurple: After you're done with your artwork, you will upload it and name the artwork *For CA Contest* Otherwise i won't accept it . But you can write some title after the *For CA Contest* if you want to .
:bulletyellow: You will submit your artwork in the CONTEST folder of this group
:bulletwhite: Your artwork must be brand new !
:bulletblue: You must write in the description of the artwork, which song was your inspiration for the making of it, and post a link to video or something .

When you're all done with this, just come back to this journal and write "DONE" in the comments section :)

All of the 5 winners will get : A watch and a llama from me, their artwork will stay in the featured folder untill the next contest, I will feature their profile and artwork in a journal when i will announce the winners, I will favourite 10 of their artworks, I will put their twitter profile (if they own one) in the Group Twitter widget of the group (or if they want to) . Those are all the prizes :)

The contest will end on Friday, November 30th, 2012 .
You have 19 days untill the end of this contest and i think that you have enough time for everything :) :peace: out ! :D

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