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I made a canine adopt while I had no internet connection yesterday but I didn't know what to do with it until I figured that I could do a raffle with it.

It's all about this smexy guy here:
Raffle - Canine [Closed] by Yorokobi-san

These are the rules:
:bulletgreen: Every ticket costs 1 :points:  and you can buy as many as you want
:bulletgreen: Send me the points for your ticket(s) after I confirm your 'order', it'll go out of hand otherwise
:bulletgreen: I will use for the real, true randomness.
:bulletgreen: I advise you to be my watcher, in order to be notificated about the journal I will post about the winner.
:bulletgreen: I will anounce a second and third prize if I there are enough participants (for a second place about 30, for the third about 60 bought tickets).
:bulletgreen: You can receive a free ticket for making a journal about this raffle, please include a link in your comment.
:bulletgreen: If you win the design, do not resell it, but you may change some things about the design or such, just nothing major.
:bulletgreen: End of the raffle: 17th November, 12am (UTC+1)

Isn't he awesome? And the tickets just cost 1 :points: each, so it's not about not being able to afford it, hm?

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