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**Idk if I should be posting this in a group, but I want everyone to know so my watchers get notified**

Listen guys, I've decided to take a.....'break' off DeviantART.

Some people don't like my art.

I get hate messages in my notes.

Even a great artist sparkle102 is leaving DeviantART because I'm "better" than her and so is my "art" as she calls it.

So I suppose I'll take a break.

No I am not de-activating. I'm just probably not gonna post or basically reply to anything. Basically be in-active.

So bye people.

My icon will be this while I'm away:

And I guess I'll notify you guys, if I come back.

It's just that I can't handle the hate. Also if I'm making my friend sparkle102 sad then I don't want to make her feel unhappy.

If you guys would still wanna contact me, you can on my Skype: lizacanda1 or my Facebook:…
Or on my Twitter @LizzyKnysh or Tumblr: or my OC Pony ask account:

Bye guys......who might have actually been nice enough to read this.

I'll miss you :iconcryingplz:

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